The CalmWater Financial Network is a group of some of the most talented and experienced Financial Advisors in the United States. They are united by a common goal: to educate and motivate Nucor Teammates to take control of their financial wellness through a deep understanding of the Nucor benefits package in combination with personalized financial planning.

The CalmWater Financial Network advisors understand the Nucor Culture. They believe in American Manufacturing and the strength it provides our Country. They stand behind you and help you prepare for the ups and downs of the economy. They understand the unique challenges life and work brings to you each day. Financial planning involves much more than just investing in your 401(k).

Our advisors bring their expertise to your unique financial situations whether you are just beginning your career with Nucor or are preparing for your retirement. Nucor offers Teammates an incredible opportunity to be successful. It is the job of your CalmWater Advisors to help you focus your energy on capitalizing that opportunity for the benefit of you and your loved ones.